Partnership Projects

The ‘Reciprocity Partnership Project’ Strategy

The thinking behind the Reciprocity Partnership Project strategy is to build a diverse but closely interconnected and interdependent community of food sovereignty practitioners across Venezuela. Once established, the community, with the support of Reciprocity, will work together to share their experiences, insights and stories among the ‘project’ community, across the broader Venezuelan Campesino community and throughout the global campesino movement. Our vision for the Reciprocity Partnership Projects is a self-sustaining discourse for the development and distribution of campesino directed Venezuelan Food Sovereignty understandings.

The three amazing partnership projects outlined below represent the first stage in the realisation of this vision.

1.      Project:  Las Tres Rs Cooperative  Location:  Yaracuy 

Las Tres Rs is an amazing model of what social, food production, economic, agro-ecological and political outcomes are possible on a small campesino co-operative. This project is significant in the unique and high successful partnership between local campesinos and the Venezuelan Ministry of Agriculture and Land the implementation of Mission AgroVenezuela.

2.    Project: IALA/IPIAT Agro-ecology  Location:  Barinas 

This project is centred on the granja (small farming cooperative) of Luis and Carolyna Escalana Maldonado, Jose Gregorio Rodriguez and Alex Castellano, and the work of the two key institutes - the Venezuela Insitiuto Universitario Latinoamericano de Agroecologia "Paulo Freire" (IALA)  and the Institute for the Production and Investigation of Tropical Agriculture (IPIAT) both lead by Venezuelan’s leading Agroecologist Professor Miguel Angel Nunez.

3.    Project: PROLESA     Location:  Tachira 

Prolesa is a small dairy co-operative resisting the powers of national and transnational milk conglomerates struggling to achieve flood sovereignty through unconditional solidarity and the increasing application of agro-ecology